Prototyping the Design for “I See, I Think, and I Feel” Project: An SDG 10-Inspired Positive Psychology on Gay Narratives of Resiliency


The scaffolds of the “I See, I Think, and I Feel” capability-building project was built first by the results of a qualitative inquiry of 10 gay preschool teachers whose experiences yielded resiliency with the themes as persona duality, vicarious experiences as an anxiety trigger, innate creativity, adaptability, the need to feel respected, the difficult choice of living alone, and dealing with children’s gender typing; and second by the extension project cycle of Central Mindanao University. Further, the Sustainable Development Goal on Reduction of Inequalities towards the empowerment and promotion of the social, economic, and political inclusion of all, regardless of age, sex, or other status, thereby paving for laws that are non-discriminatory and sustainable development-related policies has been the main ingredient throughout the project development leading to the conceptualization of the main objective that is to reach out to gay preschool teachers in Bukidnon who have been experiencing the struggles, and thereby pave positive psychology for them. Hence, the underscored capability-building method is the process approach covering five main topics: intensifying the utilization of arts in gay preschool teachers’ pedagogy, effective handling of children’s curiosity about gays, positive use of resiliency in dealing with the challenges of being gay preschool teachers, self-love, and the importance of positive mental health, which will undergo 5-year monitoring and evaluation to ensure the sustainability and magnify the impact.


Authors and Affiliations

Daryl Niko L. Cempron1,* and Maria Fe Y. Gocotano2

1Central Mindanao University, Musuan, Maramag, Bukidnon, Philippines
2Cebu Normal University, Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City, Philippines

*correspondence: [email protected]

13 November 202203 May 202324 July 2023

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Cempron, D. N. L. & Gocotano M. F. Y. (2023). Prototyping the Design for “I See, I Think, and I Feel” Project: An SDG 10-Inspired Positive Psychology on Gay Narratives of Resiliency. Journal of Human Ecology and Sustainability1(2), 1.

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